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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in HVAC Design and Drafting, HVAC Design and Drafting

Eligibility :

ITI/ Refrigeration & Air conditioning /Mechanical Draughtsman (Fresh/Experienced)

This Course is built on knowledge, skills and insights from the level one Course into production processes and materials involved in problem solving using high-functioning math and advanced critical thinking skills. To achieve the optimal design, one should needs good analytical skills and up-to-date technical knowledge of various system designs. This training is useful to design basic products, mechanical parts & chemical process equipment design. This training is an opportunity to apply the academics and develop an understanding of how to develop solution-driven concepts and translate them into a complete set of plans and prototypes.


Key Points of Syllabus :


Ø Introductionof HVAC.

Ø Scopeof designing.

Ø Basics& importance of HVAC.

Ø Standards& codes used in HVAC.

Ø Typesof refrigeration cycle.

Ø Typesof air conditioning system.

·        Windowair conditioning system.

·        Splitair conditioning system.

·        Centralair conditioning system.

·        Packageair conditioning system.

Ø Designof Ventilation system.

·        Introductionof Ventilation system.

·        Componentsof Ventilation system.



Ø Ventilation,Infiltration load calculation.

Ø Restaurant and residence kitchen ventilationcalculation.

Ø Parkingarea & Toilet ventilation calculation.

Ø Airdistribution & control system design.

·        Typesof Ducts.

·        Ductfitting.

·        Dampers.

·        Typesof Diffusers.

·        Flexibleducts etc.

Ø Ductdesign methods.

Ø Pipesizing methods.


Ø Selection of Air conditioning equipments.

Ø AHU & FCU selection.

Ø Air terminal selection.

Ø Selection of duct materials.



Ø Introduction to Drafting using Auto CAD.

Ø Fundamentals and basics of HVAC.

Ø Symbols and codes used in HVAC designing.

Ø Types of Drawings used in the industry.

Ø Study & Preparation of Floor Drawings.

Ø Conventional type air conditioning systemdrawings.

·        Window air conditioning system drawing.

·        Split air conditioning system drawing.

·        Cassette-type air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Ventilation system drawings.

·        Car parking ventilation drawing.

·        Toilet ventilation drawing.

Ø Chilled water pipe drawing.

Ø Ductable air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Package air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Section drawings.        


Ø Understanding the tender requirements.

Ø Making BOQ (Bill of Quantity).


  • To familiarize student primary technique in engineering drafting practices.
  • To discover how products are designed and communicated in the real world.
  • To help students become better designers of machine parts, plant layouts and related services.
  • To use graphic drafting techniques as a tool for communication, visualization, critical thinking & problem solving.
  • To prepare students to meet or surpass the performance competency areas and to the address performance Indicators of State Technology Education Standards.
Batch No.CategoryPlanned Starting DateLast Date of AdmissionCompletion DateDurationTimings
21011 Weekend Batches 10-Dec-2023 03-Dec-2023 10-Mar-2024 3 Months Sunday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm