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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in Plant Design Management System (PDMS), Plant Design Management System (PDMS)

Eligibility :

Piping Engineer/ Piping Draftsman.


Key Points of Syllabus :

Training Program Syllabus:                                                                                                        

PDMS History :

  • What was before PDMS

  • Inventor of PDMS

  • Requirement of PDMS in Piping Industry.

      Role &Responsibility of PDMS users in EPC:

  • Working level hierarchy

  • Role& Responsibility of PDMS Administrator

  • Role& Responsibility of PDMS Engineer.

  • Role& Responsibility of PDMS Designer.

Introduction to PDMS modules & Basic structure

Ø  Equipment Modeling

  • Equipment Modeling by Primitive method.

  • Equipment Modeling by Standard method.

  • Nozzle Manipulation.

  • Equipment& Nozzle report extraction.

Ø  Piping modeling

                                i.  Piping modeling

    a)        Piping modeling by connect method

-  Piping Modification.

-  Consistency check.

-  Clash check.

    -   Line report extraction.

     b)        Piping Modeling by explicitly Method

        c)        Instrument and special items

                            ii.    Slopeling Modeling

Ø  Structural Modeling

          -      Structural of Different Types of Plat forms rectangular & circular

           -       Structural Modeling Stairs/Ladders

 Ø  Isometric extraction

-      Isometric Extraction.

-      Error Resolving. 

Ø  Drafting

-      Draft Extraction

-      Draft Dimensioning Tagging Labeling

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Batch No.CategoryPlanned Starting DateLast Date of AdmissionCompletion DateDurationTimings
18041 Weekend Batches 05-Mar-2023 26-Feb-2023 21-May-2023 2.5 Months Sunday 9.00 am to 5.30pm