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Procedure and Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct

Rules :

  • Assignment for basic engineering will be mailed to you along with the confirmation of admission. This assignment will be required to be submitted on the day of first lecture .
  • Attendance will be noted only through Biometric face Scan Reader. Training coordinator will provide the assistance for registration of biometric face scan.
  • One full day absent will be marked for 3 late marks.
  • Lectures will not be repeated, once already conducted.
  • Assignments should be submitted/completed within the time frame.
  • Assignment submitted late will be checked with "No Marks".
  • Repeaters must confirm & pay the applicable fees two weeks before the examination date to Training co-ordinator.
  • Students shall be allowed for re-exam only for 2 attempts.
  • Students failing in the 3rd attempt (including Final Exam) may apply for re-admission.

Regulations :

  • Outstation students will reach Mumbai at least one day prior to the start of Training Program.
  • Stationery required :
    • Scientific Calculator
    • Pen (Blue, Red and Green)
    • Highlighter (Yellow)
    • Pencil 0.5mm and Eraser
  • SIT shall provide :
    • Training Material
    • Case Study Material
    • SIT Notebook - 1 No.
  • With regards to any problem in attendance please contact Training Co-ordinator immediately.
  • Certificate of appreciation will be issued for 100% attendance with 3% grace marks.
  • Unit Tests & Assignments will be strictly adhered.
  • Assignments shall be dropped in the ‘Assignment Box’ as per the prescribed format duly filled.
  • Assignments may be submitted personally, through friends or through email. In case of email, hard copy is required to be submitted later.
  • Assignments shall be collected from the Institute within a month from the date of convocation.
  • Repeaters as well as student unable to appear for final exam will be allowed to appear for re-exam on the dates displayed on the notice board of the website.
  • Students appearing for re-exam will be entitled for "C" grade only.

Code of Conducts :

  • Students are required to be highly punctual and regular in attending the lectures.
  • Students to follow the dress code. Navy blue colour trouser and sky blue shirt.
  • Smoking, chewing-gum/ beetle leaves/ tobacco/ gutka, wearing caps, sun glasses and ear/ head phones is strictly prohibited in and around SIT premises.
  • Student shall take care of SIT's property and those causing damage shall be liable for serious action.
  • Students to maintain utmost discipline & utter silence in the Training room during the lectures.
  • Students to be polite with SIT staff and all other fellow students and shall avoid needless arguments.
  • Wearing the Identity Card is mandatory.